Brokenfoot is a gray and white tom with a twisted paw.

History Edit

Brokenfoot is the son of Willowbark and Swiftcloud. As a kit, he was named Mousekit. However, when Mousekit was only three moons old, SnowClan attacked the FireClan camp. A SnowClan warrior fell from the entrance of the camp, and Mousekit was right under him. Mousekit turned to run, but the warrior landed on one of his forepaws. Mousekit yowled in terror, and sank his teeth into the warrior's neck, killing him. When the SnowClan warrior had died, the rest of the Clan retreated. The medicine cat, Riverstripe, rushed to the kit's side. Sadly, his paw never healed right.

His paw was broken when he was very young, so after the Clan was told that it would never heal in the right way, Ripplestar, the leader, decided to name him Brokenkit. Willowbark was outraged, but according to the warrior code, the leader's word is law. Therefore, no cat challenged him. However, many of Brokenkit's Clanmates thought that Ripplestar was not the right leader for them after that.

Brokenkit later became an apprentice to Slickfur, and trained as hard as he could. Slickfur pushed the apprentice very hard, and made him train until moonhigh some days. Brokenpaw was tired and beaten, but he felt proud to have a chance to serve his Clan. The only obstacle in front of Brokenpaw was hunting and fighting. Since he could only use three paws, hunting was a diaster for him. But Slickfur refused to give up. Knowing that teaching the apprentice to hunt was uselses, he drilled the apprentice day and night for fighting. Soon, Brokenpaw was unbeatable.

Brokenpaw drove off a badger about four moons later. Ripplestar had died of greencough, so his deputy, Dirtstar, named Brokenpaw Brokenfoot, much to Willowbark's dismay. But Brokenfoot felt like he was important now. Many seasons later, he became the deputy of FireClan, serving under Dirtstar.

Brokenfoot died as he lived, fighting for his Clan. Two WindClan warriors took him down and one raked his claws across Brokenfoot's belly while the other put his weight on Brokenfoot's broken paw. As he died, he told Barkthroat, the medicine cat, that he was proud to serve his Clan in the way that he did.

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